2022 New   Formulas

We are always striving to achieve the most interesting and best craft beer. The beginning of each year we formulate and run trials on new, unique and interesting recipes for the new year. Stay tune... 2022 will be very tasty.

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Our new line of 16 oz hard seltzers are available in Four pack varieties: Lime, Ginger-Lime, Blueberry, Peach-Mango and Apricot.  6.0% ABV

Our Streamsicle Series Orange,Raspberry and now Blueberry Double IPA's are back. Available now while supplies last. July/September

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Our new online Apparel store is coming September 1st  

Just in time for the holidays. Our popular "The Patriot" and Patriotic Chameleon are back. These fresh, over hopped, hazy ,double IPA's were just delivered to the stores.  

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Exciting News. Scantic River Brewery Taproom coming soon . Directly on Main St in Wilbraham Ma. -At 6 Burt Lane. Breaking ground in May 2022- More information to Come

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No matter what your favorite brew is, we have something that will make you happy!  We are excited to announce, starting in August 2017  Distribution will be made in the Boston Area

Just a couple of Dave's who have a passion for brewing. 

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