Past and present

The Scantic River Brewery is a Nano-Brewery with over 25 years of brewing experience. Because of the size of our business we are able to pay special attention to each and every batch we make. Many of our own recipes use locally produced ingredients. Check out the "Locations" tab to see where you can purchase our beer and make sure to come to one of our events for beer tasting, live music and giveaways. 
raspberry streamsicle can.png
oranage streamsicle can.png
Whirlwin can.png
Ball and Chain Can 1.png
Lemongrass Can.png
Chameleon Can.png
Patriot Can.png
Black Waves Can.png
Hopricott can.png
Chameleon Winter Can.png
Seltzer Apricot Seltzer.png
Seltzer Black Cherry Seltzer.png
Seltzer Lime Seltzer.png
Seltzer Ginger Lime Seltzer.png
Blaze India Pale Ale.png
patriot (new)  double IPA can.png
Seltzer Peach mango can.png
Seltzer blueberry can.png
Baby Chamelon.png
Baby Bee can.png
Mr.Dave (002).png
Chamelon Can.png
Chameleon 2 can (002).png